Jul 22 2009

Start A PRT

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Want to start a Pagan Round Table where you live?

We are happy to help you start up your own PRT. With just a little training, you can implement this powerful community-building tool. You should start by visiting the Columbia Pagan Round Table if you live in this region. Next, contact us to schedule a phone meeting and review our facilitation procedures and group guidelines. These have been essential to our success, so you’ll want to be sure you understand them before going forward. We ask for a $20 donation when you set up this meeting.

Once you have met with us, you are free to use our name, logo and materials to start your own meetings. We will list your meeting on this web site, and be available to suggest topics, advise you on questions or problems and generally cheer you on.

For more information, contact sekhmet @ osireion.com

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