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July 17: Meeting the Gods
Cernunnos, Hathor, Shiva or Thor – Where did you meet? How do you communicate? What do your gods ask of you, and what do you ask from them?

August 21: Crystals, Stones & Spirit
Our dear friend Dan Elswick has a special relationship with the earth element. Dan shares pieces from his collection, what they mean to him, and how you can enhance your spiritual practice with the mineral world.

September 18: Walking the Talk of Social Justice
Panel discussion with Rev. Tom Summers (Methodist), Rev. Tula Henson (Episcopalian), and Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge (UCC-Jubilee), three Christian ministers who have rocked the boat to support the spiritual lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons.

October 16: Journey Through the Egyptian Duat
The boat of the sun carried the Egyptian gods through dark labyrinth each night called the Duat. Some time in our lives, most of us will pass through what mystics have called a “dark night of the soul.” We may embrace or dread the darkness, but how we find our way through the dark time will determine our ability to emerge with the returning light.

November 20:  TBA

December 18: Craft night!  MEETING POSTPONED
Bring $1 and be ready to roll up your sleeves when we make solstice symbols in polymer clay.

January 15: Meeting On Sacred Ground  MEETING POSTPONED
Midlands faith leaders in a panel discussion about the special challenges and joys of religious life in South Carolina.

February 19: Circle Around  MEETING POSTPONED
Covens, kindreds, groves and other groups: how do we sustain our groups, what works, what doesn’t, what does the future look like?

March 19: Being A Multi-faith Family  MEETING POSTPONED
Religious pluralism is not just around us in our communities, but most often these days our households represent a mix of spiritual paths. Discuss the special challenges and joys of being a multi-faith family.

April 16: Earth Day Everyday  MEETING POSTPONED
Earth Day is celebrated every April since 1970, but once a year is not enough. How can we be eco-active year-round?

May 21:  TBA

June 18:  TBA

2011 – 2012

Mermaids and Merwomen in Black Folklore – August 16

Charleston artist and mystic Cookie Washington has imagined
what life might be like as a water goddess, ruling the seas and the
hearts of men. “African-American women don’t honor ourselves
enough,” she says. “I don’t mean we should have beauty pageants
every day, but we haven’t seen ourselves in art, history, or
painting.” When she came across stories of black mermaids she
thought, “These trace back to black goddesses. People worshiped
them. They were strong. They could cause storms and bring
fertility. They could be benevolent and bless your fishing harvest.
I wanted little girls to see these amazing spirit beings.”

Turning of the Wheel – September 20
Autumn is one of the most poignant times in the Pagan annual calendar.  Harvests, hurricanes and Hallowe’en (or Samhain for many of us) make this a time for both solemn ceremonies and witchy fun.  Bring your best ritual or party idea to share with the group.

Ancestors: Living Learning From Our Unseen Guardians –
October 18

Journey Through the Darkness – November 15
The Ancient Egyptians did not have a season of darkness like our
Samhain (being equatorial). Instead, the boat of the sun carrying
the gods entered the place of darkness, the Duat, at the end of
every day. Throughout the night, the gods journeyed through this
dark labyrinth, battling monsters, and being challenged at each
gate for the correct “password.” At this season we may embrace
or dread the darkness, but we all must pass into it. How we find
our way through the dark time will determine our ability to
emerge with the returning light.

Solstice Amulet Craft – December 20
Bring $1 for materials and plan to have fun with an amulet to
take home.

Druidry-Green Way of Wisdom –  January 17
Guest facilitators Lori and Shane D. share their learning from
studies with OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids).  

Charge of the Goddess: A Heritage For All of Us – February 21

Pagan Ritual Drama – March 20 
Elle Shepherd returns to teach us more theater techniques to
enhance our rituals.

Nature, Intuition and Paganism – April 17
How the Green World taught me an Evolving Spirituality. James
W. came to Paganism through many years of astronomy, walking
in the woods and learning about the natural world.

Trance, Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences – June 19

Commonly called a Near Death Experience or Astral Projection, an OBE is much more than these strict parameters. Authors use it in their novels for characters to undergo journeys to self-actualization. Medieval women saints experienced it to connect with God and Christ. Modern authors, like Anne Rice, have reimagined the OBE in forms ranging from Lestat’s Dante-esque journey, to Twilight and other modern paranormal novels, in order to form bonds between characters. Like the characters in novels, we can use trance/OBE as a means to connect to our gods and goddesses, to form bonds between our partners and friends, to go through our own journeys. Yet, we can use it to do much more. Imagine an OBE experience as a tool to discover yourself, manage pain, heal others, and help the dead find their way.  Guest presenter Erika Patterson is a South Carolina Druid, Co-Freemason, and Reiki Master/Instructor. She has a MAT in English and is published in The International Journal of the Humanities for The 9th International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities for her research “Texting: An Old Habit in a New Media.” She has also presented research at international and Medieval conferences on T.S. Eliot, Margery Kempe, and Shakespeare. Erika has worked with women in Hypnobirthing and pain management during childbirth with training in Hypnotherapy.

From Coven to Community Center: Changes in Pagan Culture –
July 17

Debra returns to lead us through an exploration of where we’ve
come from and where we are going.


2010 – 2011

GoddessCraft – August
It’s craft night at the Pagan Round Table! Bring a dollar or your own
package of Femo/Sculpy polymer clay and we will make amulets
based on the artifacts catalogued by noted archaeologist Marija
Gimbutas (Language of the Goddess).

The Religion We Left Behind – September
Do we leave our birth religion behind? Have we simply substituted
one god for another? Coming to terms with our religious baggage –
venting, grieving, healing, and then making peace.

When The Veil Is Thin – October
Approaching Samhain, most of us contemplate the difficult subject
of death. How do we approach the end of life as Pagans? How do
we assist those close to us who are nearing their end? What is our
relationship with the ancestors? Is Samhain only about death?

Children & the Pagan Home – November
[Guest presenter/facilitator Ginny Loy, a UU Religious Education

No meeting in December

Culture Wars – January
Do you smudge like Native Americans? Use the trance technique of
a Siberian shaman? Call on Ganesh for help but don’t know Shiva or
Kali? Love Brighde although your roots are in the Congo? Why is
crossing cultures fraught with hazards, what is cultural appropriation,
and how can we learn or even borrow from cultures respectfully?

My Freedom Ends at Your Boundary – February
Everyone is talking about Pagan sexual ethics. What are sexual ethics
and how do they apply to us? How might Pagans view sexuality
differently from some others? What do we do when there is a
violation in our community? What is a violation? How do we teach
the next generation of Pagans?

What Is A Religion? – March
Some experts say that religion is an organized belief system that
recognizes a higher power or a spiritual dimension in humans. “They”
also say that a belief system needs sacred texts, an organization, and
rituals. How does this reflect your understanding of your Pagan path?

Being Pagan and Military – April
Growing numbers of people serving our country identify as Pagan.
Come together to discuss the special challenges, joys and issues of
being a military Pagan.

Echoes of Cernnunos – May
Revisit the evidence, old and new, for the existence of a “Paleo-Pagan”
tradition. Is there sufficient evidence to suggest the existence of a
world religion more ancient than any other practiced by humankind
over the past five thousand years? Guest presenter Mark M. Newell,
Ph.D., is an anthropologist with extensive research experience in
comparative religion. He is also a practicing archaeologist with over
thirty years experience in European and American archaeology.

Gender, Polarity and the Craft – June
Early British modern witchcraft taught us to use polarity and gender
for magickal purposes. Only a decade ago, gays were not welcome in
many traditional craft circles. Now most Pagans recognize gender as
a fluid quality and we celebrate the full spectrum of spirituality. How
can we gain a better understanding of this Hermetic principle?

Initiation: Fad or Fundamental – July
What does initiation mean to different people, different trads, and
why is it important? What about non-initiatory Pagan practices? Is
self-initiation valid, and if so what should it look like?

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for magickal purposes. Only a decade ago, gays were not welcome in

November 20:  TBAbr /

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