Apr 22 2012

How the Green World taught me an Evolving Spirituality

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012 6:00 – 8:00 PM, West Columbia, South Carolina


Many of us were in love with nature and doing “Pagan things” long before we ever heard of a spiritual path by that name.  Lifelong nature lover James Wilson shares about his passion for the natural world, including a peek at some of the wild photographs he captures as part of his pilgrimages to sacred natural sites in our region.  From what Druids do, to Peachtree Rock, to Pagan “saints” Thoreau, Muir and Annie Dillard, to the temples in our back yards and parking lots, James walks his talk.  James’ nature spirituality evolved through many years of astronomy, walking in the woods and learning about the natural world.  His first love was birds, which later evolved into a love of wildflowers, butterflies, astronomy, and then into a love of the seasons of the year and eventually into Pantheism and finally Paganism.

Location: Grecian Gardens, 2312 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, South Carolina, 29169, 803-794-7552. Greek/family menu, plenty of parking. All are welcome.

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