Aug 02 2011

Mermaids & Merwomen in Black Folklore – August 16

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Charleston artist and mystic Cookie Washington has imagined what life might be like as a water goddess, ruling the seas and the hearts of men. “African-American women don’t honor ourselves enough,” she says. “I don’t mean we should have beauty pageants every day, but we haven’t seen ourselves in art, history, or painting.” When she came across stories of black mermaids she thought, “These trace back to black goddesses. People worshiped them. They were strong. They could cause storms and bring fertility. They could be benevolent and bless your fishing harvest. I wanted little girls to see these amazing spirit beings.”


Location: Mayflower Bistro (formerly called Queenstown Bistro), 1420 Colonial Life Boulevard (right by Dutch Square Mall, next to Melting Pot, across from one of the old Sounds Familiar stores which is now closed) plenty of parking. All are welcome. Questions, 803-798-8007, or, or visit Pagan Round Table online.


Bring a friend, and come prepared for a great discussion, keeping in mind the following group agreements:


  • We’ll announce the topic and/or guest for the evening at 6:30. We recommend that you order your food as soon as possible since we start discussion at 6:30.
  • The facilitator will introduce the topic for the night with a question. After this introduction, all are invited to participate by sharing comments and/or questions of your own.
  • Please limit your comments to no more than two minutes . A facilitator will call on people, if needed, e.g., if many try to speak at once or we have a very large crowd.
  • No personally-affrontive comments are tolerated. Open disrespect of others, or of other religions, will earn you an escort out of the room for the rest of the evening.

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