May 10 2011

Echoes of Cernunnos – May 17, 6-8PM in Columbia, SC

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Revisit the evidence, old and new, for the existence of a “Paleo-Pagan” tradition. Is there sufficient evidence to suggest the existence of a world religion more ancient than any other practiced by humankind over the past five thousand years?

Guest presenter Mark M. Newell, Ph.D., is an anthropologist with extensive research experience in comparative religion. He is also a practicing archaeologist with over thirty years experience in European and American archaeology.

The major religions of the world are ‘organized’ spiritual paths – that is to say, they are ‘man-made’ religions.  This is not to say any of them are necessarily false paths. Anything that provokes us to consider the world beyond our material existence, anything that provokes us to take that first step on the journey of the soul, is a good thing.  “Echoes of Cernnunos” provokes us to look beyond the organized religions of the world and invites us to consider the evidence for a world religion that existed in distant pre-historic times. The presentation looks at the sources of organized religions and the many ways in which it appears to have survived from the earth-magic of primitive cultures, to its influences upon historic and modern witchcraft and Hermetic Magick.  Should we be seeking the source of our connection to the Creator? Should this be the one true path for the journey of the soul?

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