Oct 07 2010

When The Veil Is Thin – Oct 19

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Approaching Samhain, most of us contemplate the difficult subject of death.

How do we approach the end of life as Pagans?

How do we assist those close to us who are nearing their end?

What is our relationship with the ancestors?

Is Samhain only about death?

Guest facilitator Jim will lead this discussion about the most sacred time in the wheel of the year.
Queenstown Bistro, 1420 Colonial Life Boulevard, Columbia, SC (right by Dutch Square Mall, next to Melting Pot, across from one of the old Sounds Familiar stores which is now closed) plenty of parking. All are welcome. Questions, 803-798-8007, or sekhmet@osireion.com, or visit the Columbia (and the Surrounding Areas) Meetup at www.meetup.com.  Bring a friend, and come prepared for a great discussion, keeping in mind the following group agreements:

  • We’ll announce the topic and/or guest for the evening at 6:30. We recommend that you order your food as soon as possible since we start discussion at 6:30.
  • The facilitator will introduce the topic for the night with a question. After this introduction, all are invited to participate by sharing comments and/or questions of your own.
  • Please limit your comments to no more than two minutes. A facilitator will call on people, if needed, e.g., if many try to speak at once or we have a very large crowd.
  • No personally-affrontive comments are tolerated. Open disrespect of others, or of other religions, will earn you an escort out of the room for the rest of the evening.
  • If you are not Pagan, thank you for coming, and you are very welcome to participate, but you may not evangelize or proselytize, or you will be asked to leave.
  • At 7:45 PM, the facilitator will begin to draw the discussion to a close. If necessary, the facilitator will say how many more people have time for a comment, or point to the one, two or three people who may speak in the remaining time.

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