Jul 15 2010

July 20 Building Our Community

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This topic generated so much interest in the spring that we are revisiting it!  Here are some discussion starters, plus bring your own questions:

1.       Should we, as pagans, have a public community?  What does that mean?

2.       How can  we support a pagan community (Financially? As volunteers? Other?)

3.       Should we bother building a pagan community

4.       Should pagans support other pagans who don’t think like they do?

5.       What are we doing with our paganism to improve the world and society that we live in?

6.       How do we get along with other pagans?

7.       Should pagans “tithe” or otherwise give funds regularly to a group or coven?

Our facilitator has issued a challenge to everyone to bring at least one friend to this PRT!

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