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Apr 27 2010

Guest Speaker Elle Shepard on Theater and Ritual – May 18, 2010

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elleshepard2cropFor a change of pace, the Pagan Round Table will host Elle Shepard of Augusta to share her extensive knowledge of theater and how to enhance our rituals for a deeper spiritual experience. We think you will find Elle as warm and engaging as we do!

Elle Shepard is a retired DOD Entertainment Branch Director and Marketing chief. She worked for over 32 years in various parts of the US and several countries doing what she terms as “The dream Job” – A charmed life living abroad on Uncle Sam’s dime, traveling and creating entertainment and events in both the Military and the civilian sectors.

A Pagan in the Ancient Path tradition – she practiced primarily as a solitary most of her Pagan life – roaming the woods and mountains and seashores all over the world looking for that one ritual experience that would “make my hair stand on end.” She observed, took part in, even helped create several interesting, but “not very moving” ritual experiences over the years, and still the fine hairs remained stubbornly limp and the repetitious chants bored her to tears.

Then, one day an Ancient Path priest mentioned “ritual drama” to her and she asked exactly what that meant. He responded – well, think of all the rituals you’ve seen but with a twist of “drama.” She was hooked and started devising all manner of ritual drama.

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