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Nov 09 2009

Quantum Craft in a Newtonian World

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“Up until the present, biology and physics have been handmaidens of views espoused by Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics. Everything we believe about our world and our place within it takes its lead from ideas that were formulated in the seventeenth century, but still form the backbone of modern science–theories that present all the elements of the universe as isolated from each other, divisible and wholly self-contained.” (Lynne McTaggart, The Field)

“Was there something the old mystery schools knew that we have lost? Did they purposefully work deosil in counterpoint to some other, widdershins flow? Did Rumi turn widdershins, as the pilgrims so circle the Kaaba, for some deeper, arcane reason?” (T. Thorn Coyle, Kissing the Limitless)

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