Nov 21 2012

Sabbatical for PRT

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Dear Ones,

Last night was the 40th monthly meeting of the original Pagan Round Table!  What an exciting 3 and a half years it has been – who knew what that time would hold when Debra and I first set out to create a regular community gathering where people from many or no traditions of earth-based spirituality could come together in a  safe, positive space.  Some had despaired of the lack of civility in our Pagan community, but you all have proven that you are compassionate, curious, funny, eager to learn and eager to grow.  

Attendance has dwindled the past few months so we take that as a sign, like the falling leaves of the season, that we should withdraw for a time, go within to rest and restore.  Perhaps we will emerge in the spring with renewed vigor, or perhaps our growth will take a different direction.  Such is the beautiful, cyclical nature of existence, is it not?

 Thank you to all of you who have made this such a loving challenge.  You restored my faith in the potential of our still-fragile community.  I am still available should anyone wish to simply meet for dinner on the third Tuesday (or any time, really) to share from the heart.  For now, however, we will release the good folks at Grecian Gardens from holding one of their party spaces for us until such time as we can better fill it.  

Last night we talked about how cultivating an attitude of thanksgiving has changed our lives.  Today someone sent me a wonderful statement made by the first president that I remember:

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”  – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

An old Pagan song comes to mind as I write, so click here if you would like to hear it as a complement to this post.  I wish you peace, prosperity, health and great happiness this joyous holiday season and in the year ahead, Holli/Sekhmet

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Nov 11 2012

Thanks as Spiritual Practice

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“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”
– Meister Eckhart
Admit it – gratitude makes us feel good. Saying thank you has a cleansing effect, as well as being empowering. To whom and for what are you grateful? How do you live a life of gratitude and how does it make your life better?

Location: Grecian Gardens, 2312 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, South Carolina, 29169, 803-794-7552. Greek/family  menu, plenty of parking. Questions or 803-798-8007

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Oct 01 2012

Dark Nights of the Soul: Journey Through the Egyptian Duat

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Tuesday, October 16, 6-8 PM

The boat of the sun carried the Egyptian gods through a dark labyrinth each night called the Duat. Some time in our lives, most of us will pass through what mystics have called a “dark night of the soul.” We may embrace or dread the darkness, but how we find our way through the dark time will determine our ability to emerge with the returning light.  Presenter Holli Emore is the author of Pool of Lotus, a book of reflections on ten ancient Egyptian gods.

Location: Grecian Gardens, 2312 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, South Carolina, 29169, 803-794-7552. Greek/family menu, plenty of parking.

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Sep 05 2012

Walking the Talk of Social Justice

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 6:00 – 8:00 PM

West Columbia, South Carolina

Searching your soul, dealing with conflict and authority, effecting change, maintaining your center…

Learn from the journeys of three Christian ministers who have roacked the boat to support the spiritual lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons.

Panel discussion with Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge (Jubilee Columbia), Rev. Tula Henson (Episcopalian), and Rev. Tom Summers (Methodist).

Location: Grecian Gardens, 2312 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, South Carolina, 29169, 803-794-7552.
Greek/family menu, plenty of parking. Questions?

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Aug 09 2012

Crystals, Stones & Spirit

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012 6:00 – 8:00 PM 
West Columbia, South Carolina

Our dear friend Dan Elswick has a special relationship with the earth element. Dan shares pieces from his collection, what they mean to him, and how you can enhance your spiritual practice with the mineral world.

Location: Grecian Gardens, 2312 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, South Carolina, 29169, 803-794-7552.
Greek/family menu, plenty of parking. Questions? sekhmet at


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Jun 30 2012

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Meeting the Gods

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 6:00 – 8:00 PM

West Columbia, South Carolina

Cernunnos, Hathor, Shiva or Thor

– Where did you meet?

– How do you communicate?

– What do your gods ask of you?

– What do you ask from them?

Comments from participants at other PRTs:

“What a great night, I really loved the topic,and our guest speaker. Can’t wait to see you next month!”

“Once again, really enjoyed the presentation. Such great loving energy in that group of people. I could feel and see it.”

“Had a great time tonight, thanks all . . . ”

“The meeting tonight meant a lot to me- both the topic and the conversation. I hadn’t planned on saying exactly what I did, but I felt safe doing it. Safety isn’t something I take lightly. I also had some great talks with some members afterwards.”

“Thank you so much for an excellent meeting “I found the energy warm and welcoming.”

“That was really fantastic- and such a positive indication of things to come in SC!”

Location: Grecian Gardens, 2312 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, South Carolina, 29169, 803-794-7552.

Greek/family menu, plenty of parking.  Questions?  sekhmet at or 803-798-8007 or visit Pagan Round Table online

  • Bring a friend, and come prepared for a great discussion, keeping in mind the following group agreements:
    We announce the topic and/or guest for the evening at 6:40.
    We recommend that you order your food as soon as possible since we start discussion at 6:30.
    The facilitator introduces the topic for the night with a question, or sometimes we offer a guest presenter.
    After this introduction, all are invited to participate by sharing comments and/or questions of your own.
    Please limit your comments to no more than two minutes.
    A facilitator calls on people, if needed, e.g., if many try to speak at once or we have a very large crowd.
    No personally-affrontive comments are tolerated.
    Open disrespect of others, or of other religions, will earn you an escort out of the room.
    If you are not Pagan, thank you for coming, and you are very welcome to participate, but you may not evangelize or proselytize, or you will be asked to leave.
    At 7:45 PM, the facilitator begins to draw the discussion to a close.
    If necessary, the facilitator will say how many more people have time for a comment, or point to the one, two or three people who may speak in the remaining time.

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Jun 11 2012

Trance, Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012 6:00 – 8:00 PM, West Columbia, South Carolina

Commonly called a Near Death Experience or Astral Projection, an OBE is much more than these strict parameters. Authors use it in their novels for characters to undergo journeys to self-actualization. Medieval women saints experienced it to connect with God and Christ. Modern authors, like Anne Rice, have reimagined the OBE in forms ranging from Lestat’s Dante-esque journey, to Twilight and other modern paranormal novels, in order to form bonds between characters. Like the characters in novels, we can use trance/OBE as a means to connect to our gods and goddesses, to form bonds between our partners and friends, to go through our own journeys. Yet, we can use it to do much more. Imagine an OBE experience as a tool to discover yourself, manage pain, heal others, and help the dead find their way.


Erika Patterson is a South Carolina Druid, Co-Freemason, and Reiki Master/Instructor. She has a MAT in English and is published in The International Journal of the Humanities for The 9th International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities for her research “Texting: An Old Habit in a New Media.” She has also presented research at international and Medieval conferences on  T.S. Eliot, Margery Kempe, and Shakespeare. Erika has worked with women in Hypnobirthing and pain management during childbirth with training in Hypnotherapy.

Location: Grecian Gardens, 2312 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, South Carolina, 29169

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May 02 2012

Can Dark Green Religion Save the Planet?

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 Tuesday, May 15, 2012 6:00 – 8:00 PM, West Columbia, South Carolina

“Dark green religion—religion that considers nature to be sacred, imbued with intrinsic value, and worthy of reverent care—has been spreading rapidly around the world . . . becoming increasingly important in global environmental politics. It motivates a wide array of individuals and movements that are engaged in some of the most trenchant environment- related struggles of our time. It increasingly shapes the worldviews and practices of grassroots social activists and the world’s intelligentsia. It is already important in global environmental politics. It may even inspire the emergence of a global, civic, earth religion.” – Bron Taylor, author of “Dark Green Religion”

Why do Pagans find their source in nature? What does that mean? Why does it frighten some religious groups in America? How do we live out a nature-based belief?

New Location:  Grecian Gardens, 2312 Sunset Blvd, West Columbia, SC, (803) 794-7552. This is very close to the I-26 exit beside Lexington Medical Center (the hospital).

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Apr 22 2012

How the Green World taught me an Evolving Spirituality

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012 6:00 – 8:00 PM, West Columbia, South Carolina


Many of us were in love with nature and doing “Pagan things” long before we ever heard of a spiritual path by that name.  Lifelong nature lover James Wilson shares about his passion for the natural world, including a peek at some of the wild photographs he captures as part of his pilgrimages to sacred natural sites in our region.  From what Druids do, to Peachtree Rock, to Pagan “saints” Thoreau, Muir and Annie Dillard, to the temples in our back yards and parking lots, James walks his talk.  James’ nature spirituality evolved through many years of astronomy, walking in the woods and learning about the natural world.  His first love was birds, which later evolved into a love of wildflowers, butterflies, astronomy, and then into a love of the seasons of the year and eventually into Pantheism and finally Paganism.

Location: Grecian Gardens, 2312 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, South Carolina, 29169, 803-794-7552. Greek/family menu, plenty of parking. All are welcome.

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Feb 26 2012

Guest Speaker Elle Shepard on Theater and Ritual

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March 20, 2012 6:00 – 8:00 PM

The second installment on ritual drama, back by popular demand!

“The simple and effective way to bump up the excitement, mystery and magic of your rituals, and why you may want to do this, with a little ritual anthropology thrown in. Whether you perform ritual alone or in groups, there are ways to increase emotion and effectiveness. Please wear comfortable clothing! Be prepared to remove your shoes and let your hair down. We’ll do as much as the space and the surroundings allow without disturbing the other restaurant guests.”

Elle Shepard is a retired Department of Defense Entertainment Branch Director and Marketing chief. She worked for over 32 years in various parts of the US and several countries traveling and creating entertainment and events in both the military and the civilian sectors. A Pagan in the Ancient Path tradition who lives in Augusta, Georgia.

Location:  Grecian Gardens, 2312 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, South Carolina, 29169, 803-794-7552.  Greek/family menu, plenty of parking.  All are welcome.

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